About Descent

Descent is a performance laboratory founded by former members of the notoriously subversive Los Angeles based butoh/performance troupe Corpus Delicti. Corpus staged over fifty politically charged and often controversial site-specific performances in the streets, cemeteries, shopping malls, stages and galleries of the United States, moving with ease from the streets of Los Angeles to avant-garde venues such as Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

From the ashes of our former incarnation, Descent was conceived to further and provide a context for the radical exploration of liminalities between body, self and other. As we dive into the great ecstasies and tragedies revealed while stumbling through the under-currents of the psyche, we descend and dissent, employing movement as a means to strip away temporal and conceptual artifice, to embody resistance to power, and to form hybrid and ephemeral collectives across the globe.